About The Artist – Lucy

about me pic2

My name is Lucy and I’m based in Ashford, Kent. I’ve always loved art, ever since I was a child. Some of my fondest memories are of me sitting on the floor copying a beloved Disney video cover. Copying was always my forte: ask me to draw something from my imagination and it’ll take me weeks of frustration and erasing but give me something to copy and it all seems to come together. Despite this forte, I was thrown out of Art at school as I was told that copying in pencil would never get me anywhere. Some 20 years later I still marvel at this attitude, but at the time it put me off drawing completely. So I pursued other avenues and became a teacher of English at a local comprehensive.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with a benign brain condition and Addison’s disease. I was off sick for months, bored out of my brain (pun intended) and I decided to try sketching. A few pictures on Facebook, some good medication and lots of encouragement from friends and family and here I am!

I love doing what I do. It’s such a privilege to take a treasured memory and immortalise it.