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A number of you have been in contact asking for some ‘work in progress’ pictures. I’m working on a commission of a friend’s son. The picture was taken on a mobile which is never normally a problem. However, when filters are added to the picture on a mobile it can distort the image and disrupt the shadows. Here’s the original photo:

As you can see the filter has added a blueish hue and high saturation on the skin. As a result, the drawing takes longer than ‘normal’ as it requires a more in depth study of the subject.  This is the stage that I’m currently at:

helena work in progress 3The eyes are a feature that I normally do first. In general, the pupils provide the darkest values so they provide a good point of reference.  The next stage will be the darkening of the shadows under the eyes and the inclusion of facial hair. I love this stage! It’s so exciting to begin to see the likeness in a subject and watch as their features take shape.

I’ll post with the next stage! Whenever I do a commission for someone I like to send them updates like this so that they can see the progression in the work. I feel that it helps the customer to understand the progress and allows me to change anything that I need to along the way.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.


Wow! What a busy week it’s been!

I’ve always said that I’m happy to combine separate photos together into one drawing but a customer this week gave me an amazing challenge: 8 grandchildren all in separate pictures! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the drafting stage, working out which pictures will complement each other on the page. I’ll post the finished drawing on the site as soon as it’s done.

As well as drafting the latest commission I’ve been making progress with the original drawing above.

helena work in progress 2

There’s always a massive leap between this stage and the one before it. The drawing now resembles the original reference photo so it’s past the awkward draft phase. Shadows and highlights are easier to achieve once the likeness begins to form. This is the second to last stage: the next step will be polishing details and ensuring that the lines are crisp. Then the masking tape is removed and the picture will be done 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’ll post the final image on the main page of the site. Stay tuned for more blogs!

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