Welcome to my first blog! It’s a strange concept to an artist to write about your work: there’s something intensely personal, almost exposing, about advertising your own work and commenting on it. However, it’s something that I’m working on!

As you may already know from reading the ‘About Me’ section I am a purely self-taught artist. I didn’t go to any art schools or attend any art seminars. I have no idea how I started drawing. It just happened. After a year of drawing professionally I believe more than ever that it’s about creativity: a way to express a feeling that’s burning a hole in your heart. I think that’s why my drawing occurred at the same time as a run of poor health. It was an outlet that was desperately needed.

My first human portrait was something of a disaster. It turns out that humans and animals are very different to draw! Here was the first human portrait I attempted:

first pic
The poor children look like they’re hairy! However, one of the most powerful lessons to learn as an artist is that the mistakes do more for your technique than successful pictures. The fact that I ‘couldn’t’ draw the children as I wanted to became the most influential inspiration to me. Fast forward a year…

The Budding Model

No more hairy children! The compelling force of motivation is one that I hope never leaves me.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. Stay tuned for more blogs!

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